The Wacky Warehouse

48 Main Street 360-276-4200

After being open more than 10 years on Main Street, Mr. Wacky has completely re-arranged his store. He moved most of the merchandise to the back end of the store and opened up part of a storage area for retail space.

The front half of the store is mostly cleared out and a stage area has been set up for live music shows. He had five different shows during the spring and summer of '07 and would like to start some kind of open mike format in the future. But you can find him on any given day singing and playing his piano in the front window on Main Street.

The open area gives him space to display used furniture with a whole lot less clutter than the old arrangement, plus occasionally having local vendors set up tables on some weekends. Call 360-276-4200 if you want to rent some table space or are looking for a venue for music.

He is still buying non-ferrous scrap metal (aluminum cans, aluminum, copper, brass, etc.) out in the yard. Prices are volatile so call for the latest price quotes. Or just come in and browse the book room or warm your bones back at the woodstove and settle into the slow, laid back pace of life on the westernmost Main Street in the continental U.S. Open 6 days a week at 10:30 am till 5:30 pm, 3:00 pm on Sunday. Closed Tuesdays and Christmas Day. Hours may occasionally vary.

The Wacky also features these fine items:

  • Recyling
  • Toys and Puzzles, crayons too!!
  • Nick-nacks and Novelity items
  • Office supplies
  • Books and Magazines
  • Apparel (new and used)
  • Copy Machine (.10 a page)
  • Fax Machine ($1.00 apage)
  • new fax machines for sale
  • Lots of 99 cent items
  • (sponges, scrubbers, etc.)
  • An in-house 50 miliwatt Radio Station
  • (new 100 watt on the way)
  • Garbage drop-off ($6 a can)
  • Batteries, Film and Candy
  • More in the Wacky Backy
  • (thrift items, household appliances)
  • Greeting and Gift cards